Baratron® Manometers
Direct (Gas Independent) Pressure/Vacuum Capacitance Manometers (0.01-155,000 Torr)
Pressure Control Products, including Capacitance Manometers, Pressure Transducers, and Pressure Sensors

627C e-Baratron Ethernet-Enabled Manometer

MKS offers best-in-class pressure measurement and control with Baratron® capacitance manometers, dual-range manometers, differential pressure transducers, and digital pressure measurement products. Our standard Inconel® all-welded sensors maximize resistance to corrosive process gases and ensure safe operating environments. Application-specific pressure control products, process manometers and pressure tranducers are focused on providing long term reliability and stability resulting in high throughput, up-time, and yields.


Absolute & Gauge Process Measurement (Direct Pressure/Vacuum Measurement)
Differential Process Measurement (Direct Pressure/Vacuum Measurement)
Power Supplies, Readouts, and Accessories for Baratron® Pressure/Vacuum Measurement Products
Calibration for Baratron® Pressure/Vacuum Capacitance Manometers


The Basics of Pressure Measurement and Capacitance Manometers application note
Baratron® Capacitance Manometer Selection & Installation
Pressure Measurement & Control Product Line
Advances in Capacitance Manometers for Pressure Measurement
Vacuum Pressure Measurement
"Baratron® Basics"
Baratron® Etch Manometer Reduces Zero Drift
The Effect of Aggressive Gases on Capacitance Manometers
Intelligent Sensors Improve Process Control
Pressure Measurement and Control Keep Pace with Processing
Helium Reclaim in Magnetic Resonance Imagers


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