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Precisive® TFS™ Tunable Filter Spectroscopy
Natural Gas Quality, C1-nC6 Hydrocarbon Composition, and BTU/Wobbe Monitoring

Precisive® is an innovative developer of optical analyzers based on Tunable Filter Spectroscopy (TFS™) which provide real-time gas analysis in the natural gas and hydrocarbon processing industries, including refineries, hydrocarbon processing plants, gas-to-power machines, biogas processes and fuel gas transportation and metering, while delivering customers a substantially lower total cost of ownership. Precisive® TFS™ can be utilized from UV (Ultra-Violet) through IR (Infra-Red) spectral regions. Precisive® TFS™ sensor platform has been on the market since 2008 with more than 2500 systems deployed.

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The optical sensors developed by Precisive® are the first widely deployed hydrocarbon composition monitors that offer real-time unattended analytics with hydrocarbon speciation capability equivalent to traditional Gas Chromatography (GC) instruments yet with much lower cost of ownership.

Now a part of MKS Instruments, the Precisive® TFS™ sensor platform will be further developed for trace/ppm through bulk/% applications where a multi-component, low-maintenance, stable analytical sensor-transmitter is required that is well positioned between traditional NDIR (Non-Dispersive Infrared) and laboratory-grade FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared).


Precisive® 5 Hydrocarbon Analyzers
Precisive® 5 Application-specific Analyzers


Precisive® Tunable Filter Spectroscopy (TFS™)
Precisive® TFS™ UV-IR Platforms
An Optical Hydrocarbon Analyzer for Real-Time Hydrocarbon Gas Speciation and Measurement
Break-through Optical Sensor for Natural Gas Composition Analysis
Fast-Response, High-Accuracy Heating Value and Wobbe Index Analyzer
Real-Time Fuel Composition Analyzer for Gas-to-Power Control

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