Cirrus™ Atmospheric Pressure Gas Analyzers

photo - Cirrus 3-XD Compact Atmospheric RGA System with V-lens Technology

Cirrus™ single-quadrupole mass spectrometers have been used for many years as a powerful analytical tool, proven across a wide range of laboratory and industry based gas analysis applications. Process Eye™ Professional Software and its "Recipe" based control also make it a highly versatile and easy-to-use platform.

Cirrus™3-XD is designed for researchers and engineers who need to work beyond the limits of conventional quadrupole MS gas analysis. To more easily detect and monitor trace gases - the Cirrus™3-XD system delivers a unique analytical advantage for "eXtreme Detection" capability. The Cirrus™ 3-XD system provides a new level in performance and robustness in compact benchtop and rack-mounted designs.

Cirrus™2 quadrupole mass spectrometer offers the versatility of state-of-the-art quadrupole mass spectrometry in a convenient benchtop configuration. Cirrus™ quadrupole mass spectrometer systems are regularly used for the identification and analysis of gases and gas mixtures in a wide variety of applications.


Cirrus™3-XD Compact Benchtop and Rack-mounted Atmospheric Systems with V-lens™ Technology
Cirrus™2 Benchtop Atmospheric Pressure Gas Analysis System
Cirrus™2 Benchtop Atmospheric Pressure System with Multi-stream Inlet
Cirrus™2 Benchtop Atmospheric Pressure System with Integrated Optical Sensor for Carbon Monoxide (CO)


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