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Residual Gas Analyzers (RGA)
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photo - Microvision 2 Flexible, Integration-ready Residual Gas Analyzer (RGA)

For general residual gas analysis, the performance of MicroVision2 residual gas analyzer, coupled to the wide range of configurations available, make it the ideal choice for many different residual gas analyzer applications, including ultra high vacuum (UHV), such as vacuum coatings, accelerators and high energy physics, harsh environments, such as high temperature and ionizing radiation, high performance, research and development for high mass species studies, and high resolution studies, including low molecular weight species studies and helium from Deuterium studies.

photo - e-Vision 2 General Purpose Residual Gas Analyzer (RGA)

The web-enabled e-Vision 2 residual gas analyzer represents a significant advance in Residual Gas Analysis (RGA) technology, opening up new possibilities for vacuum monitoring and e-diagnostics. With an unprecedented range of instrument control options, e-Vision 2 residual gas analyzer is designed to make vacuum troubleshooting and monitoring of chamber residual gases straightforward.


Microvision 2 Flexible, Integration-ready Residual Gas Analyzer (RGA)
e-Vision 2 General Purpose Residual Gas Analyzer (RGA)
HPQ3 High Pressure RGA (less than 1 mTorr)
HPQ3S High Pressure RGAs (less than 8 mTorr)


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