Thermal & Pressure-based Mass Flow Controllers & Meters
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photo - P2A Metal sealed MFC for low pressure drop operating conditions such as ion implant source gases

Thermal & Pressure-based Mass Flow Controllers for Special Applications

Certain process vapors and gases require mass flow controllers of a special design specific to the material as well as process conditions. MKS offers both thermal mass flow controllers and pressure based mass flow controllers for these applications that require flow control at elevated temperatures and/or low pressure drop conditions given the source material charactertics.


G-Series Thermal Mass Flow Controllers and Meters with Fast & Repeatable Performance
I-Series IP66-rated Thermal Mass Flow Controllers & Meters
P-Series High Performance Multi-gas, Multi-range Thermal Mass Flow Controllers
High-flow Thermal Mass Flow Controllers & Meters
Compact, General Purpose Thermal Mass Flow Controllers
Thermal & Pressure-based Mass Flow Controllers for Special Applications
Legacy Mass Flow Controllers & Meters


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