Residual Gas Analysis/Mass Spectrometry
RGA In-Situ Process Monitoring, Leak Detection & Analysis

RGA in-situ Process Monitoring

MKS Mass Spectrometry gas analyzer products are innovative in-situ process monitoring instruments that are fully integrated, application-specific packages, including component residual gas analyzers (RGAs), web-enabled RGA's, analytical equipment, and process RGAs and control software.

  • Vacuum Monitoring and e-Diagnostics
  • Ultra High Vacuum (UHV)
  • CVD Processes
  • Vacuum Baseline RGA
  • Ion Implant
  • Photoresist Detection
  • High-Pressure RGA
  • PVD
  • Etch
  • Diffusion
  • Transfer Chamber Monitoring
  • Leak Detection
  • Atmospheric Pressure Gas Analysis

RGA Vacuum Leak Detection and Analysis

Residual Gas Analyzers can be a very effective tool to analyze system gas loads resulting from real leaks, virtual leaks or chamber wall outgassing. RGAs have a number of advantages over traditional, dedicated gas leak detectors including the ability to differentiate between different gas species, comparable sensitivity levels, the ability to detect internal or “virtual” leaks and to detect and analyze outgassing problems. MKS offers a broad range of RGA tools and supporting software packages that make process chamber leak detection and analysis fast and easy.

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