UHV Valves
Metal-sealed, Ultra-high Bellows-sealed Vacuum Valves

photo - UHV Ultra-high Vacuum Valve

The HPS® UHV Valve is lightweight and has a compact profile, fitting easily into vacuum systems where space is tight. UHV design limits outgassing and permeation for lower base system pressure.

  • Limits outgassing and permeation for lower base system pressure
  • Compact design
  • Angle and inline body styles
  • Port diameters of 1, 1½, & 2 inches
  • ISO-KF or CF flanges

HPS® UHV Valves are designed for use in ultra-high vacuum systems, for physical vapor deposition, high energy physics, mass spectrometry and applications requiring an ultraclean environment.

UHV Ultra-high Vacuum Valve data sheet

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